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Lovely new wooden floors in Benfleet



For splendid craftsmanship in wood, the 16th century south porch at South Benfleet church is deservedly famous.  It has a panelled tracery and a two bay hammerbeam roof with splendid carvings.

Your own natural wooden floors probably don’t go back for as many centuries, but their own distinctive beauty deserves to be preserved.  How are they doing?  If they are marked, damaged or just on the shabby side..

The solution is at hand:

Floor repair and restoration from

The Benfleet Floor Sanding Company!


Have no fears that the timber is too old or far gone...

We’ve restored hundreds of floors over the past twenty years

Of every type:

from hardwood boards to parquet blocks:   

In every setting:

domestic and commercial (pubs, cafes, offices, shops, galleries...)

Providing the complete service:

repair and replacement of damaged timber

sanding away the old sealant to smooth wood


staining for a fresh look


resealing with natural oil, hard wax or lacquer.

Completed to the highest standards:

using only top quality restoration materials - to last longer and stay looking beautiful.

And 99% dust free sanding for a job free of disruption and mess.

For the best advice from a friendly family firm

Contact us today for your free assessment

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Near South Benfleet is where a Danish fortified camp was seized by Alfred the Great’s men in 894.  As recorded in the ‘Anglo Saxon Chronicle’, those ships they did not burn were taken up to London.  The Saxons celebrated their victory by building a wooden church.  

With origins around 1200, North Benfleet church also has a good 16th century wooden porch.  This reflects the widespread use of timber in Essex (a county devoid of good building stone).  

John Cole served at Waterloo and died in the parish in 1836 aged 51.  His amusing tombstone could have been penned by Corporal Jones from Dad’s Army:

‘At the celebrated command, Up Guards and at ‘em,

he was wounded by a musket ball but heroically persevered till the victory.’


With over 26 years of sanding knowledge,
we're dedicated to making sure that your wooden
floors always get the best  restoration service there is.

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